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Morristown NJ Spring Festival In May

Morristown's Spring Family Festival is coming up on May 3, 2008 from 12:00 noon to 4 p.m.  Join the Morris Museum for a day filled with fun activities at the Greenhouse Exhibition.  It promises to be a culturally stimulating and creative event.  Some of the events you can enjoy are:
  • Dance Performances
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Face Painters
  • Street-side Food Vendors
  • Live animals, snakes...
Seriously, it will be fun!   The Morris Museum is located at 6 Normandy Heights Road, Morristown NJ 07960.Susan Zanzonico, Your Friendly Morristown Realtor - Morristown NJ Real Estate - Call me for assistance with your real estate needs.  Direct - 973-214-5872...

Madison NJ Real Estate Sales 2008

Madison NJ has closed 31 homes since January 1, 2008 as of today April 26, 2008.  The home sale prices range from $430 to $1,195,000.  View these Madison NJ Real Estate Home Sales for yourself.  This report will give you all the details including the Madison NJ street address, bedrooms, bathrooms, lot sizes, days on the market and more.  If you click on the Madison street address, you'll be able to pull up photos of the home as well.  This is a good reference if you are thinking about selling or buying a Madison NJ home anytime soon.  Call Susan Zanzonico on 973-214-5872 for assistance in buying or selling Madison NJ Real EstateSearch the MLS!...

Recent Morristown Real Estate Homes For Sale

Some recent Morristown real estate and Morris Township NJ real estate listings from the week of April 24, 2008
  • 47 Fairmount Avenue - Morris Township NJ Colonial - $584,900 
  • 12 Cromwell Drive West  - Morris Township NJ Split Level - $599,900 
  • 66 Woodland Avenue - Morris Township NJ Colonial - $649,000
  • 31 Inamere - Morris Township NJ Colonial Tudor - $650,000 
  • 5 Glen Airlee Ct - Morris Township NJ Colonial - $949,900 
  • 34 Pippins Way - Morris Township NJ Townhome -  $990,000
  • 19 Aspen Way - Morris Township NJ Colonial -  $1,060,000 
  • 17 Liberty Street- Morristown NJ Colonial - $364,500
  • 60 Washington Avenue  - Morristown NJ Chalet - $825,000
Search all listings or just browse Morristown homes. Call Susan Zanzonico on 973-214-5872 for assistance with your real estate needs in towns convenient to New York....

Morristown NJ Real Estate Home Sales

Morristown Real Estate Sales

Below are Morristown NJ real estate transfers for the past week as of today April 22, 2008. 
  • 110 South Street - $1,150,900-Vail Mansion -Morristown Luxury Townhome - New Construction
  • 110 South Street - $1,126,900-Vail Mansion-Morristown Luxury Townhome - New Construction
  • 15 Shelley Place - $437,500-Morris Township Townhome
  • 21 W. Lake Blvd - $470,000-Morristown Home
  • 217 Pitney Place - $205,000-Morristown Condo
  • 25 Timothy Court -  $424,900-Morris Township Townhome in Rose Arbor
  • 25 Valleyview Street -$350,000-Morristown Home
  • 36 Abbett Ave - $500,000-Morristown Townhome
  • 43 Spring Brook Road - $700,000-Morris Township Home
  • 44 Ridgedale Ave - $365,000-Morristown Townhome
  • 44 Ridgedale Ave - $305,000-Morristown Townhome
  • 45 Wildflower Lane - $390,000-Morris Township Townhome-Rose Arbor
  • 48 James Street - $459,000-Morristown Renovated Home
  • 5 Ironwood Road -  $810,000-Morris Township Home
  • 5 Sycamore Lane - $455,000-Harding Townhome  (Morristown zip)
  • 54 Sherman Place - $470,000 - Morris Township Home
  • 7 Perry Street - $525,000 - Morristown Historic Home
Buyers take advantage of this great time in the market where the real estate prices are lower along with the mortgage rates.  Morristown NJ still has plenty of inventory. ...

Harding NJ Real Estate Activity

Harding Township

Let's take a look at the Harding NJ real estate activity as of April 19, 2008
  • Harding NJ active real estate listings - 47
  • Harding NJ homes under contract - 9
  • Harding NJ homes sold year to date - 52

Harding NJ Listings

Harding Township NJ real estate is known for its low taxes and big sprawling estates.  Its really very close to Morristown, so not far from activity.  There are two listings I would especially like to point out of interest and they are:
  • 54 Pleasantville Road - This is a 3 bedroom colonial on 1.1 acres of land.  There is a pond on the lot and room to expand this home.  This home is priced at $829,000. The real estate taxes are under $6K.
  • 59 Primrose Trail - this lovely home is a 3 bedroom ranch with 3 fireplaces on Mt. Kemble Lake.  Mt. Kemble Lake is a beautiful lake community in Harding.  Alot of people don't know about it as its tucked  away.  If you like the idea of living on or very close to a lake with a club house and amenities, you should call me about this home.  It could be your dream.  The price of this home is $898,999 and the real estate taxes are under $6K.
Call Susan Zanzonico for Harding NJ Real Estate - 973-214-5872...

St. Elizabeth's College in Morris Township NJ

I've had a few clients inquire about The College of Saint Elizabeth recently so I thought I'd quickly do this post.  It is located in Morris Township in the Convent Station neighborhood. It is a private college, Roman Catholic four year liberal arts college for women. The college dates back to 1899 and has long been viewed as bringing beauty and refinement to Convent Station, Morris Township.Like alot of other buildings and sites in Morristown NJ, The College of Saint Elizabeth is also the oldest woman's college in New Jersey. It was one of the nation's first Catholic colleges to award degrees to women. The campus offers theater and cultural events to Morris Township NJ residents on a regular basis. One of the most popular campus destinations for locals is the college's greenhouse, which was built in 1911. New York City is only an hour by train from the front gate of The College of Saint Elizabeth, making this quaint college town a perfect place to live for commuters.Susan Zanzonico - Morris Township NJ Real Estate - 973-214-5872...

Madison NJ Real Estate Awaits Buyers

Madison NJ - Rose City

Madison NJ has managed to maintain its nick name of the Rose City over the years.  The town is loaded with charm and parking is free.  Check out Madison NJ Waverly Place  on my website in the slide show along with information on MLS listings, buying and selling.If you are thinking of moving to Madison NJ, call Susan Zanzonico on 973-214-5872 for a tour of this wonderful Morris County town.  There are currently 53 homes for sale in Madison NJ.  Search Madison MLS listings....

Great Time To Buy Morristown NJ Real Estate

Real Estate Market Heats Up

According to an Associated Press-AOL Money and Finance poll, 59 percent of survey respondents believe that now is a good time to buy real estate. This long-term confidence in the housing market may indicate that an increase in home sales is not far behind, which is great news as the buyer’s market heats up this spring! Its a great time to purchase your Morristown NJ home.

Real Estate Statistics

 Other statistics from the poll include:
  •  35 percent of respondents think the prices of homes in Morristown NJ are about right
  • 11 percent are certain or very likely to buy a home very soon.
  • 10 percent have an adjustable rate mortgage
Call Susan Zanzonico today for Morristown NJ Real Estate.  Search Morristown MLS Listings...

Harding NJ Real Estate Luxury Homes

Harding Luxury Real Estate

Harding NJ is a lovely area with wide open undeveloped land.  The homes are beautiful and the town offers a rural  feel and privacy that his hard to match.  Its a short distance to the town of Madison and Morristown NJ.  Harding in fact shares Madison schools which are highly rated. Harding NJ MLS listings reflect 47 homes for sale ranging in price from $595,000 to $16,000,000.  Remember Harding Township real estate taxes are low the tax rate being 1.04.  This makes Harding a little more affordable for those of you who like the wide open space, yet convenience to the NY Midtown Direct, highways and charming towns with great restaurants and top realtors! Call Susan Zanzonico on 973-214-5872 today.  Search Harding MLS Listings...

Buyers Seminar For Morristown NJ Real Estate

Morristown NJ Buyers and Sellers 

Weichert, Realtors, along with its affiliate companies, Weichert Financial Services and Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, will host its third free home buyers seminar in Morristown NJ. Weichert’s first two nationwide seminars attracted several thousand prospective buyers who came out to learn more about the real estate process and the current market.This seminar can be beneficial not only to buyers but sellers as well.  It will be hosted by the office manager and Gold Services Manager, the seminar, titled “It Pays to Ask,” is designed to educate home buyers on the current real estate market and the advantages of home ownership.  At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees can participate in a question and answer session, as well as schedule a financial consultation for a free mortgage credit decision.

Real Estate Information

The home buyers seminar will also provide:
  • Insider perspective on what’s happening in local real estate markets (availability, prices, trends, etc.)
  • Clarification as to how Weichert can simplify the home buying process
  • Information on Weichert’s personalized approach to mortgage financing
  • Guidance to purchasing a home along the Midtown Direct in today’s market with affordable financing
It pays to ask!  Its coming soon in Morristown NJ.  Call Susan Zanzonico on 973-214-5872 or email me at to find out the details and register....

Morristown NJ Real Estate - Hispanic

Spanish Speaking Buyers and Sellers

I understand that Morristown NJ buyers and sellers have varying needs and we do our best to accommodate.  If you or a friend are seeking a Spanish speaking realtor contact me.  My team member can assist you with all your needs whether it be to find the perfect home or to list your current home.  Maybe you are relocating to Morristown NJ and would like a town tour.  Let us assist you every step of the way with your Morristown transaction.Susan Zanzonico - Morristown NJ Real Estate for Hispanic and Latinos - - 973-214-5872 - www.

Morristown NJ Real Estate Activity

Morristown  vs. Morris Township

An update for all of you buyers and sellers following the market activity in Morristown and Morris Township NJ. This area along the Midtown Direct train line has been compared to a donut in its layout.  Morristown being the center of the donut and closer to the town with Morris Township a little further out.  This  is generally speaking of course, as Convent Station homes are in Morris Township and still pretty convenient to town, train and highways.Morristown NJ Homes for Sale
  • 101 active homes on the Market in Morristown New Jersey ranging in price from $219,000 which is a three bedroom colonial on Vail Place to $1,199,500 a two bedroom luxury townhome on Community Place which is walk to town and the Midtown Direct train line.
  • Morristown NJ Average Sale price going back 6 months is $440,987 with an average of 90 days on the market
Morris Township NJ Homes for Sale
  • There are currently 169 active homes on the market in Morris Township New Jersey ranging in price from $195,000 which is a home on Cleveland Avenue advertised as a four bedroom fixer upper up to $2,250,000 which is a five bedroom 4.1 bathroom colonial on Whispering Meadows in the Washington Valley area of Morris Township which borders Mendham New Jersey.
  • Morris Township NJ Average Sale price going 6 months back is $687,596 with an average of 87 days on the market.
Search the Updated MLS Free for Morris County...

Chatham NJ Historical Society Website

Chatham NJ Historical Society

The Wescott Fund has given a wonderful gift to Chatham New Jersey, the residents and all those interested in Chatham's development and history...a website with information about the Chatham Historical Society.  You can find it at  We all enjoy Chatham New Jersey today, as identified in NJ Monthly and Money Magazine.  Now we can get a closer look at the past. This proves to be in an interesting site complete with historic photos of Chatham and the story of how Chatham NJ came to be one of the most desirable towns in Morris County New Jersey. Interested in Chatham NJ Real Estate?  I don't blame you!  Call Sue today on 973-214-5872...

Luxury Homes and Townhomes in Summit NJ

Summit NJ Luxury Real Estate

What isn't luxury in Summit?  Its truly a beautiful town with top schools and easy access to the Midtown Direct train line.  Summit NJ also has a good amount of parking for NYC commuters. I will be checking out all the Summit NJ real estate that falls under the heading of luxury this week.  If you're interested in my findings or seeing some of these Summit homes yourself, give me a call on 973-214-5872. Susan Zanzonico - Summit NJ Real Estate -

A Free Trip Back in Time in Morris County

Historic Morristown

Morris County's "Be Our Guest" is from noon till 5:00 pm on April 27th.  This event is sponsored by The Morris County Alliance of Tourism with free shuttle service available all day.  This is a great opportunity to visit all the historic sites in your own neighborhood.
  • Acorn Hall
  • Fosterfields Living Historical Farm
  • The Frelinghuysen Arboretum
  • Historic Speedwell - where the telegraph was born
  • Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
  • The Morris Museum
  • The Schuyler-Hamilton House
  • Washington's Headquarters at the Ford Mansion
For more details,check out the article it the Sunday Daily Record complete with pictures of some of these historical sites.You can find additional information about Morristown NJ real estate or search the Morristown MLS.  Susan Zanzonico - Morristown NJ Realtor® - 973-214-5872...

Summit NJ Midtown Direct is Entertaining

I took a ride on the Summit NJ Midtown Direct train today.  I went into New York to pamper myself at a beauty salon because I work hard and deserve it.  I found the train ride to be enjoyable, relaxing and entertaining. Not only was the train ride from Summit relaxing, it was rather amusing.  Now I don't take the train into New York everyday, but I was on the train with people who do ride it daily going to and from work.  On the way in, I noticed one girl infront of me start to put on her makeup after the train took off.  She had a magnifying mirror with her and was applying mascara, foundation, the works.  She was wonderfully transformed when she was done.   The guy behind me was trying to sort out some problems with his kids.  Apparently they were sitting in the car in front of the house smoking marijuana.  He was explaining this to his wife on the phone and that he knew it wasn't a cigarette because of the way they were holding it.  He called his son on his cell from the house and confronted him....watching him squirm in the car the whole time.  His proposed punishment was to take the car away for a week.  I guess this will solve the problem of the kids smoking pot "in the car".  Maybe they'll just sit on the front porch of the house, who knows. There was a guy within my view working on his computer and I think he made me feel just a little guilty.   After this, I made a few calls and "to do" notes on my calendar.The guilt didn't last long because I rarely get to take a day off.  As I settled back into relaxing, I glanced to my left.  The girl in the seat across the aisle from me just plopped a blob of moisturizing cream on her face.  She then proceeded with the entire makeup routine. ...

Summit NJ Downtown Street Fair

A Taste of Summit NJ

If you're considering a move to Summit NJ or one of the towns in the area such as Chatham, Madison, Millburn or Morristown a great way to check out some of the shops, galleries and restaurants would be to attend the upcoming street fair.  They'll be plenty of activity in town.  Summit NJ is a a vibrant city center with unique shops, cinema, fine cuisine and interesting galleries. Living in Summit NJ is extremely convenient as its located 25 miles West of New York City and just minutes away via  the NJ Midtown Direct train line. If by car, Summit offers abundant free customer parking within a block of most stores.Susan Zanzonico - Your Summit NJ Realtor - 973-214-5872 - ...

School Appeal For Morristown NJ Real Estate

Morristown NJ Schools

Morristown New Jersey is home to some of the best public and private high schools in the region. It is also home to the Rabbinical College of America and the College of Saint Elizabeth. Because of all the fine educational experiences available in Morristown, this charming suburb is a wonderful place to call home.

Morristown NJ Public Schools

The Morris School District's public schools serve the communities of Morristown, Morris Township and Morris Plains. It serves approximately 4,700 students with three primary schools, three intermediate schools, one magnet school for kindergarten through fifth grade, one middle school and one high school.

Morristown NJ Private Schools

Morristown also boasts numerous excellent private schools. The Red Oaks School is a Montessori school, serving students from preschool through sixth grade. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade attend Assumption Roman Catholic grade school. The Peck School, a private day school, serves nearly three hundred students through grade eight.Several private junior and senior high schools are also found in Morristown NJ. The Delbarton School is an all-boys Catholic school with a student body of over 500 students in grades seven through 12. Morristown-Beard School is a private co-ed school for sixth through twelfth graders. The Religious Teachers Filippini also conducts the Villa Walsh Academy, a private Catholic college prep school.The Rabbinical College of America in Morristown has trained thousands of Lubavitch rabbis on its 82 acre campus. It is one of the larger Chabad Lubavitch Chasidic Yeshivas in the world today. The Yeshiva is supported by some of the wealthiest Jewish community philanthropists, including David Chase, Ronald Perelman and Ronald Lauder. Rabbi Moshe Herson directs the Yeshiva.The Rabbinical College of America is...

Madison NJ Real Estate May Day

Every year for 10 years now Madison NJ designates a Saturday for cleanup of public places. This is fondly known as "May Day in Madison" and is made up of volunteers. Marsha Zimmerman is the "May Day" chairwoman.  To donate or participate, call 973-408-9222.Madison NJ Realtor - Susan Zanzonico - - Top 2% - Weichert, Realtors - 973-214-5872...

Summit NJ Real Estate and Schools

As a potential Summit NJ buyers, you'll not only want information about housing prices in Summit NJ, but investigating the schools is part of the home buying process whether you are looking at Summit NJ real estate or any of the towns along the Midtown Direct train line.The Superintendent of Schools is Carolyn Deacon The Board of School Estimate consists of Mayor Jordan Glatt, Common Councilmen Dave Bomgaars and Frank Macioce, and Eleanor Doyle and Patricia Calhoun of the Board of Education.There is up-to-date data available about Public Schools and details about the Summit New Jersey School budget available for 2008-2009, Check this website: and take a look under "What's New".  This Summit School information addresses:
  • New Jersey school budget funding formula
  • Summit NJ information on the current Summit Public School financial and demographic statistics as it compares to other school districts
Call Susan Zanzonico on 973-214-5872 for assistance in buying or selling Summit NJ Real Estate...

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