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Guide to Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

A new kitchen countertop can make a world of difference in your kitchen and add value to your home.  Read this article about 15 different countertops and the varying looks they create for your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen by Philadelphia General Contractors Buckminster Green LLC



VA Loans For Morris County

Stability is a gift. Veterans taking the bold step into home ownership deserve a stable situation. Home loan programs such as the VA loan can make it happen.


Despite its unique benefits, many veterans still know little about the VA home mortgage program. The program constantly evolved since its establishment in 1944. It seems like every decade Veterans Affairs has found ways to provide superior home buying benefits to veterans through the VA loan program. The benefits help veterans not only acquire a quality home at a great price, but also save money when the sale is final.

Right at the beginning of the home buying process, eligible VA borrowers save a bundle on the no-money-down option. Upfront costs, such as the VA funding fee, appraisal fee, and closing costs can be rolled into the monthly mortgage payments. Therefore, veterans can use whatever money they initially saved up for a down payment and put it towards renovation of the new home or bills. Contacting an approved VA lender such as VA Mortgage can assist in determining eligibility for the program.

In addition, veterans can use gifted or borrowed money from their family members or friends to contribute toward the purchase of the home. Conventional programs restrict their buyers from borrowing funds from non-recordable sources.

After the purchase, homeowners continue to save cash. Interest rates are low, and the monthly mortgage payment is affordable.  The VA restricts lenders from tacking on hidden fees, so veterans save more than conventional homeowners. Veterans also get to forego the private mortgage insurance monthly payment. PMI is sometimes...

Why would you hire a real estate agent while purchasing a property?

Purchasing a real estate property is a big responsibility on your shoulders. Whether in America or somewhere else, we all know that buying real estate property is a difficult and accountable job. Making the wrong choice while purchasing a real estate property can land you up in serious financial trouble. By buying a property beyond your affordability, you may run the risk of losing it to foreclosure or you can avoid this situation by opting for a home loan modification. To avoid going through such complications, you can use a real estate agent while carrying on the real estate transactions. Have a look at the benefits of using a real estate agent while buying or selling of a real estate property.

1. Help you determine your affordability: Checking your affordability is very essential before committing yourself to a real estate property. A real estate agent can help you determine how much mortgage loan you can afford and negotiate with your lender in order to make you pre-qualify for the loan. Since they have an overview of the US real estate market, they can recommend you to trustworthy lenders who can give you the best deal.

2. Saves your time: If you’re keen on buying a real estate property, you have to check out various real estate properties that is quite a time consuming process. Walking around the streets of US looking for real estate properties can be a tiring and frustrating experience. You can avoid going through such frustrating experiences by hiring a real estate agent. Since he has got an adept knowledge on the real estate market, he will help you out with finding a proper real estate property in accordance with your finances. This will save your time and money.

3. Get an expert advice: You can get expert advice of the real estate agent as he has gathered enough experience in the real estate market field from his years of work. Whether you are new in US, it does not matter if you hire a real estate agent to carry...

Pricing Your Home To Sell


When it comes to selling your home, you might be tempted to ask for more than what you know it to be worth. After all, you reason, by pushing up the asking price, you will have a bit of a cushion to play with when it comes to negotiating the final closing price. While this may seem logical on the surface, asking too much for your home can actually result in losing out on money in the long run. To that end, here is a look at three reasons why you need to ask a reasonable price when putting your home on the market.

Reason #1: You Want to Be Taken Seriously

When putting your home on the market, you want to be taken as a serious seller. When you put a price on your home that is clearly inflated, you won’t be taken seriously by those who are looking for a house. After all, it doesn’t take much to price homes in your area to find out whether or not your home is reasonably priced. When you put an inflated price tag on your home, it tells potential buyers that you don’t really want to sell.

Reason #2: You Don’t Want to Scare Off Potential Buyers

Another reason to ask a reasonable price is to avoid scaring off potential buyers. Many buyers narrow down their search according to price range. If your home is listed at a price that is out of their range, they won’t bother to take a look at it. As such, when you inflate the price on your home, you effectively reduce the pool of people who might be interested in purchasing your home.

Reason #3: You Want to Move Your Home Quickly

You might reason that you would rather “hold out” for a buyer who is willing to pay a higher price for your home, but keeping your home on the market for too long could ultimately destroy your chances of making a sale. The reality is that homes go stale after they have been on the market for too long. Therefore, if you continue to “hold out” because you are looking for someone...

How to Choose the Home That's Right for You

Are you getting ready to start shopping for a home? If so, this is likely a very exciting time for you. After all, owning a home is a dream come true for most people. At the same time, this can be a very overwhelming and stressful time in your life as you try to select the home that is just right for you. By keeping these five tips in mind, you can reduce your stress levels as you embark on your search for the perfect home.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Location

Everyone knows that the number one rule in real estate is location - and this is the number one rule for good reason. Not only is the location an essential component in terms of property value, but it is also an important aspect of maintaining your lifestyle of choice. If you have a family, for example, you might want to live in a cul-de-sac where they can play outside without much concern for traffic. If you enjoy participating in nightlife activities, on the other hand, a home located in the city might be a better choice for you. As such, it is essential to consider the activities you enjoy as well as your lifestyle needs when deciding on the right neighborhood for you.

Tip #2: Select a Home that is Accessible

Along with determining the type of neighborhood in which you want to live, you should also consider the accessibility of the home. This is particularly true if you will need to commute back and forth to work, as you want to be certain major highways are close enough to make your commute as uneventful and fast as possible.

Tip #3: Get the Right Amount of Yard Space

While you may be dreaming of a home with plenty of yard space or that is on acres of land, you need to make certain you are prepared to maintain this large amount of space. On the other hand, even if you aren’t a fan of yard work, you will want to be sure to have plenty of outdoor space for your kids to play if you are raising a family. Therefore, when looking...

Real Estate Marketing

I have recently received alot of questions about why agency for sale signs remain on homes after they are under contract as well as why the home continues to be advertised on websites....gsmls,, trulia, zillow, etc.  I have to tell you, I see it all the time ...its common practice at least my area  ~ Morristown, Madison, Chatham, Millburn right thru to Westfield New Jersey. 

I called Garden State today for clarification.  This is what I was told 'It's the law that the seller is permitted to market their home until it closes'.  Garden State MLS even created a new status 'US'  this means under contract continue to show. The reason Garden State created this new status is because what agents have been doing is just not marking the home as under contract. This new 'US' status at least identifies upfront that the home is under contract without having to put it in additional remarks. It also keeps it on all the third party websites such as, trulia, agency IDX, etc.

Is it fair? 

Well, let's see ... from the seller's perspective, it allows the listing agent to obtain backup offers from agents with interested clients and/or names of buyers who may want to submit an offer should the deal fall thru.  It's a bit of a safety net so they don't completely lose time should the buyer not be able to get a mortgage or the deal falls thru.

There is an additional benefit here which is self-serving to the listing agent...they could get potential buyer leads from calls on the home ~ apologetically tell them that the home is under contract and offer to show them another home.

From the buyer's...

Real Estate 101: Understanding Types of Agency

When it comes to the world of real estate, many people assume that the primary role of the real estate agent is to sell homes. While this is a large portion of many agents’ careers, the reality is that there are three different types of agency that a real estate agent may represent. Therefore, it is important for anyone who works with a real estate agent to understand these three types of agency and how they might affect the way the agent handles the entire transaction,

Real Estate Agent as Seller’s Agent Also referred to as the listing agent, the seller’s agent is responsible for representing the person who is selling the home. While the seller’s agent may assist the buyer with finding a home, he or she is ultimately responsible for representing the interests of the seller. This means that, when it comes to negotiating the price or any other details of the contract, the seller’s agent will try to get the best deal for the seller. Although this doesn’t mean the agent will be deceitful, it does mean the buyer should refrain from sharing anything with the agent that he or she wouldn’t want to be shared with the seller.

Real Estate Agent as Buyer’s Agent On the other side of the spectrum, a real estate agent may work as a buyer’s agent. As the name suggests, the buyer’s agent works on behalf of the person who is purchasing the home. Although the buyer’s agent may assist the person who is selling the home, his or her primary responsibility lies with representing the buyer. Just as the buyer shouldn’t disclose certain information to the seller’s agent, the seller should avoid sharing pertinent information with the buyer’s agent unless otherwise required by law.

Real Estate Agent as Dual Agency Sometimes referred to as an intermediary agent, the dual agency real estate agent serves as an intermediary for both the buyer and the seller. In...

Real Estate Home Sale Prices

Year-to-date Average Home Sale Prices


  • Chatham Boro - $736,794
  • Chatham Township - $830,193
  • Florham Park - $592,427
  • Harding Township - $1,748,225
  • Madison Boro-$754,665
  • Mendham Boro -$620,151
  • Mendham Township - $988,717
  • Morris Township - $521,204
  • Morristown - $443,799
  • Randolph Township - $545,026
  • Summit City- $979,437
  • Westfield Town - $773,577

Call Susan on 973-214-5872 for real estate assistance on any of these towns or others near or along the Midtown Direct train line.


Attorney Review Process in NJ

The attorney review process begins after terms are agreed on a given contract.  I am writing this because I find that many of my Buyers and Sellers may not be familiar with various areas of the real estate process.  As a REALTOR for New Jersey real estate in towns along the Midtown Direct to include Millburn, SummitMadison, Chatham, Morristown, Harding and beyond, it is part of my job as a service to my clients to educate you on the real estate home buying process. In my real estate area of New Jersey which includes Summit, Millburn, Morristown, Chatham, Madison and Harding, Sellers and Buyers almost always have an attorney representing them on their real estate transaction. This attorney should be a "New Jersey Real Estate" attorney because state laws differ.

Attorney Review

The signed contract is either faxed or hand delivered to the Buyer and Seller attorneys.  The first day of attorney review begins when both attorneys have a copy of the signed contract.  During the attorney review period, the Buyer is free to find another home and the Seller can find another Buyer.   Either party is free to walk away for any reason or no reason at all.  Attorney review usually lasts 3 days, but can be shorter or the Buyer and the Seller may agree in writing to extend the...

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