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Morris Township Home Sales In February 2014

Morris Township home sales in February 2014 reached 15.  The spring market is off to a slow start due to the weather but prices are steadily increasing.  Inventory is still low so if you're thinking about selling your home, you will definitely have the buyer's attention.

  • 29 E Hanover Ave $175,000 Cape Cod $175,000
  • 2 CORY RD UNIT E $219,900 Multi Floor Unit $190,000
  • 9 Cedar St $295,000 Split Level $295,000
  • 27 Raynor Rd $430,000 Ranch $430,000
  • 17 Nottingham Ct $440,000 Multi Floor Unit $425,000
  • 6 Keats Way $450,000 Multi Floor Unit $425,000
  • 9 Flintlock Run $475,000 Ranch $470,000
  • 40 Raven Dr $495,500 Multi Floor Unit $480,000
  • 564 Sussex Ave $539,000 Ranch $514,000
  • 14 Jardine Ct $599,000 Colonial $575,000
  • 12 Deborah Dr $600,000 Colonial $590,000
  • 8 Evans Farm Rd $614,900 Contemporary $603,900
  • 15 Laura Ln $639,900 Colonial $639,900
  • 49 Mackenzie Rd $689,000 Colonials $678,500
  • 5 Dale Dr  $724,900 Expanded Ranch $695,000

January 2014 Home Sales in Chatham Boro NJ

We've had a rough winter in Chatham New Jersey between the snow and the extreme cold. In spite of it all, Chatham Boro had 3 home sales in January 2014. There are currently 23 active homes for sale in Chatham Boro and 11 Chatham Boro homes under contract.

Chatham Boro's average home sale price is $785,477 with 42 days on the market.

Take a look at Chatham Boro's latest home sale closings below.

  • 3084273 57 Tallmadge Ave $515,000 Colonial $497,000 
  • 3092761 96 Lafayette Ave $589,000 Colonial $589,000 
  • 3074311 35 Broadview Ter $775,000 Cape Cod $789,000

Please feel free to give me a call on 973-214-5872 at your convenience to view Chatham Boro Homes for Sale updated every day on this website!


Chatham Township's January 2014 Home Sales

Chatham Township had 7 home sales in January 2014. There are currently 38 active Chatham Township NJ Home for Sale 07928Chatham Township homes for sale with 23 homes under contract.

Currently, Chatham Township's average home sale price is $918,655 with 66 days on the market.

Check out recent home sales below.

  • 3095908 5C Heritage Dr. $289,000 One Floor Unit $277,000 
  • 3035908 20 I Kensington Rd. $315,000 One Floor Unit $302,500 
  • 3088419 7 Joseph St $425,000 Colonial $412,000 
  • 3081047 201 Southern Blvd $1,099,000 Colonial $1,055,000 
  • 3081142 139 Huron Dr $1,199,999 Colonial $1,185,000 
  • 3073573 15 Seminole Way $1,299,900 Colonial $1,275,000 
  • 3048596 7 Whitman Dr $2,380,000 Colonial $2,270,000

Call me today on 973-214-5872 to view Chatham Township Homes for Sales ~ updated daily on this site!


Morris Township NJ Home Sales in January 2014

There were 16 Morris Township NJ real estate sales in January 2014.  There are currently 76 homes for sale in Morris Township with 32 under contract scheduled to close.  

Check out the addresses, list price, home style and sale price of the January Morris Township home sales below.

  • 101 Harter Rd, LP $300,000,  Cape Cod, SP $305,000 
  • 6 Witherspoon Ct, LP $349,900,  Multi Floor Unit, SP $341,250 
  • 1 Watnong Rd, LP $350,000,  Cape Cod, SP  $327,500 
  • 5 Marianna Place, LP $364,900,  Split Level, SP  $358,500
  • 8 Kennedy Rd, LP  $365,000,  A-Frame, SP  $342,500 
  • 12 Blackwell Ave, LP  $369,000,  Cape Cod, SP  $345,000 
  • 66 Wildflower Ln, LP  $375,000,  Multi Floor Unit, SP  $381,100 
  • 71 Hancock Dr, LP  $405,000,  Multi Floor Unit, SP  $394,000 
  • 78 Burnham Rd, SP  $450,000,  Colonial, SP  $425,000 
  • 69 Independence Way, LP  $510,000,  Multi Floor Unit, SP  $490,000 
  • 17 Butterworth Dr, LP  $545,000,  Colonial, SP  $555,000 
  • 92 Overlook Rd, LP  $599,900,  Split Level, SP  $575,000 
  • 4 Skyline Dr, LP  $685,000,  Contemporary, SP  $657,500 
  • 39 Rolling Hill Dr, LP  $725,000,...

Morristown NJ Real Estate Closings in January 2014

Morristown had 7 real estate closings in January 2014 ranging in price for $85,000 for a lot Morristown Square in Morristown, NJ  07960.24 in size to $915,000 for a new construction luxury 3 bedroom townhome in Morristown Square.  There are currently 48 homes for sale in Morristown and 23 homes currently under contract with scheduled closing dates.

Check out the Morristown property addresses, list price, style and sale price below.

  • 4 Malcolm St,. LP $125,000,  Ranch, SP $85,000 
  • 41 Mount Kemble Ave Apt 308,  LP $245,000,  One Floor Unit,  SP $215,000 
  • 7 Prospect St Unit 707,  LP $339,000,  One Floor Unit, SP $332,000 
  • 47 Sherman Pl,  LP $374,900, Split Level,  SP $337,500 
  • 3 Guy Court,  LP $495,000,  Multi Floor Unit,  SP $505,000 
  • 58 Chestnut St,  LP $679,000,  One Floor Unit,  SP $650,000 
  • 12 Macculloch Ave Unit 4,  LP $999,990,  Multi Floor Unit,  SP $915,000

Morris Township Real Estate Sales Close Strong in December 2013

Morris Township real estate sales reached a total of 19 in December ranging in price from $80,000 for a 2 bedroom colonial on Mt. Kemble Avenue to $1,175,000 for a 5 bedroom custom colonial on 47 Ketch Road. Morris Township's average home sale price is $573,583 with 73 days on the market.  See December's real estate sales information below:

  • 278 Mt Kemble Ave $99,000 Colonial $80,000 
  • 16 Walnut St $209,000 Colonial $192,000 
  • 157 Sussex Ave $289,000 Bi-Level $170,500 
  • 18 Thomas Paine Rd $400,000 Multi Floor Unit $400,000 
  • 6 Abby Rd $410,000 Split Level $390,000 
  • 41 Hillcrest Ave $470,000 Ranch $470,000 
  • 288 James St $475,000 Ranch $440,000 
  • 28 Stonehenge Rd $498,000 Bi-Level $465,000 
  • 19 Harwich Rd $554,900 Colonial $545,000 
  • 44 Stonehenge Rd $592,000 Colonial $570,000 
  • 63 Spring Brook Rd $599,000 Ranch $550,000 
  • 8 Tall Timber Dr $634,000 Colonial $607,500 
  • 8 Richlyn Ct $638,500 Contemporary $650,000 
  • ...

What Your Fireplace Can Look Like At Convent Mews!

Convent Mews is a great complex located in Morristown NJ close to everything!  Seriously, you can walk to Morristown center, the train, hospital, food stores, restaurants and the highways are close too.  I closed on a Convent Mews townhome at the end of October. Just to be clear, the townhome was really pretty with an updated kitchen, gorgeous floors and the location within the complex was just perfect.  

My client had some changes in mind to make the townhome more her own such as painting various rooms and updating window treatments.  The biggest thing my client wanted to change was the fireplace.

I went to a housewarming party there on Sunday and the difference in the fireplace is truly amazing so I'm posting it here.  You can all see what can be done to your fireplace to tailor it to your tastes.  

Convent Mews in Morristown NJ Original FireplaceConvent Mews in Morristown NJ Fireplace Updated

Search Morristown condos and townhomes or single family homes currently on the market today.  Please feel free to give me a call on 973-214-5872...

Morristown NJ Real Estate Closings in December 2013

Morristown NJ had 16 real estate closings in December 2013. Listed below are Morristown homes sold in December, the address, list price, style, bedrooms and bathrooms, sold price and days on the market.

The average Morristown home sale price on December 31, 2013 is $388,783 with 78 days on the market. Morristown is currently a seller's market with low inventory.  

Address                                 List Price      Style           Bdrm/Bth      Sold        DOM    

37 Hill St Apt A2                       $209,000   One Floor Unit    1 1          $209,000      82
50 Elm St                                 $218,000   One Floor Unit    1 1          $202,000      19
41 Mount Kemble Ave              $237,900   Hi-Rise                2 2          $216,000    117
10 Jardine Rd                          $275,000   Colonial               4 1.1       $286,000      12
51 Mt. Kemble Ave Unit 101     $279,000   One Floor Unit    2/1.1    ...

Seven Steps To Buying a Home

When it comes to buying a home, every market and area is a little different.  However, these 7 steps are all pretty standard and an easy way to look at the home buying process.Seven Steps to Buying a Home There will be alot of other things going on simultaneously, but this is a good basic outline especially if you're a first time home buyer.  

Take a look at this article that breaks down the seven steps to buying a home:


Santa Comes to Morristown NJ!

Morristown NJ Fun Events

My friend and neighbor called me to go see Santa with him about a week ago.  Santa comes to Morristown prior to Christmas to say hi and celebrate the season and lighting of the Green. Christmas music fills the air and there are lots of dancing adults, kids and elves.  It was so much fun!  

This is a picture of the Morristown Green all lit up for the holidays.  The town of Morristown and all who support this effort do a really nice job!

Morristown NJ Green Holidays - 2013

Its great living in Morristown!  Call me on 973-214-5872 to view Morristown homes for sale and learn about the area and towns commutable to New York.


Doodle 4 Google's 2013 Winner Is In!

I just love the google doodle's, don't you! I didn't realize that they actually made it into a contestDoodle 4 Google 2013 Winner until recently. The winner was Sabrina brady of Wisconsin and the Theme: My Best Day Ever

There are over 1500 doodles for the homepages around the world. You can see all the doodles here. Read about doodle history and how the finalists are broken down by grade and judged on a state-by-state basis to come up with one winner! Take a look at all the 2013 google doodles, they're pretty amazing. 

So many talented and imaginative kids...these are really great. What a tough job these google judges had to pick just one.


3 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

It can be challenging to know what type of gift to get for a friend or family member who is alsoGift Ideas for New Homeowners a new homeowner.  This time of year, it could be a housewarming gift or something for a holiday celebration.  Check out this article with some clever and practical gift ideas for your favorite new homeowners.


What Does Homebuying Mean To You ~ Single Family or Condo

Things to think about when buying a home - single family or condominium. What does Buying a Homehomebuying mean to you and your family to be a good fit? Be sure to consider the value of the home you purchase. It should be a good investment that will gain in value over time.

This is a good article: Homebuying First Step: Define What You mean by 'Home' 


Morris Township Real Estate Sales in Fall are Strong

Morris Township Real Estate Sales 

Real Estate sales in Morris Township closed strong this Fall.  Home sales in Morris Township reached 25 in November with an average home sale price of $575K and 72 days on the market. Check out the details on these home sales below.

  1. 313 Pitney Pl $159,900 One Floor Unit $170,000 
  2. 403 Pitney Pl $219,000 One Floor Unit $212,000 
  3. 44 School House Ln $274,900 Colonial $267,500 
  4. 14 Gregory Ave $375,000 Cape Cod $362,500 
  5. 2 Alpine Dr $384,900 Cape Cod $374,000 
  6. 1 Jones Dr $389,900 Bi-Level $374,620 
  7. 176 Western Ave $399,000 Colonial $385,000 
  8. 25 Kennedy Rd. $439,000 Cape Code $410,000
  9. 21 Hancock Dr $400,000 Cape Cod $395,000 
  10. 9 Gregory Ave $439,900 Colonial $422,500 
  11. 32 Davenport Place $460,000 Multi Floor Unit $445,000 
  12. 41 Fanok Rd $499,900 Colonial $500,000 
  13. 27 Sunderland Dr $545,000 Colonial $545,000 
  14. 11 Deborah Dr $549,000 Colonial $540,000 21 
  15. 28 Lord William Penn Drive $599,901 Colonial $600,000...

Five Reasons You Need to Close on a Home By the End of the Year

There are at least five good reasons to close on a home before the end of the year.  In 2013 you canClose on a Home By the End of the Year obviously get an advantage with tax deduction benefits.  Mortgage rates will most likely increase in 2014 aong with home prices and changing lending rules.

Check out this interesting article on Five Good Reasons to Close on a Home By the End of the Year.


NAR Profile of Home Buyers, Sellers Yields Interesting Stats

NAR Profile of Home Buyers, Sellers Yields Interesting StatsThe National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducted profiled Home Buyers and Sellers in 2013 and came up with some interesting facts. It looks like the primary reason that sellers try to sell their home to a buyer without the help of a real estate agent is because they do not want to pay the commission.  However, the home is not effectively marketed and FSBO (For Sale By Owner) homes sell for much less money the commission would've cost the home seller.  

Take a look at this article on the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers with more interesting statistics.


De-Pet Your Home Before You Sell

When you're selling your home, you need to consider everything.  Pet odors fall into De-Pet Your Home Before You Sellhome marketing or staging your home.  We all know that pets are great, loyal and love you unconditionally.  Keep in mind when selling your home that some home buyers may be allergic to pets.  A big reason homebuyers won't purchase a house is odor.

Read this helpful article on How to De-pet Your Home Before You Sell.


How to Negotiate the Best Price When Buying a Home

If you're shopping for a home or considering buying a home sometime soon,  its important to How To Negotiate The Best Price When Buying a Homeunderstand the process of making an offer on a home.  Hopefully you'll be working with an experienced Realtor® to guide you every step of the way and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price possible. Its always a good idea to have a general understanding of what is involved in making an offer and things to consider.  Take a look at this article on how to negotiate the best price when buying a home.


Recent Real Estate Sales in Morristown

Morristown Home Sales in November

Morristown had 14 real estate sales in November.  These home sales range from $90,000 toParsons Village in Morristown, NJ  07960 $961,000.  The average home sale price in Morristown is $397K with 79 days on the market. There are currently approximately 144 active homes for sale in Morristown.

Parsons Village is a very affordable coop complex which is also walk to town and train. You can buy a one bedroom for under $200K.  There were two closings in that complex.  The details of all the home sales are below.

  • 15 Hillairy Ave $90,000 Ranch $90,000  DOM 44 
  • 320 South St $199,000 One Floor Unit $192,000  DOM 37 
  • 69 James St $259,000 Colonial $259,000  DOM 46 
  • 7 Prospect St Unit 201 $309,000 Hi-Rise $289,000  DOM 70 
  • 320 South St 1B $310,000 Multi Floor Unit $295,100  DOM 18 
  • 47 Hillairy Ave $319,000 Cape Cod $290,000  DOM 264 
  • 15 Condict Pl $349,000 Colonial $347,000  DOM 18 
  • 27 Garden St $369,900 Colonial $369,900  DOM 175 
  • 5-A Dorado Dr. $385,000...

Would You Love to Live in Morris Township?

Morris Township Homes are on Sale!

Looks like alot of people are buying homes in Morris Township.  Morris Township has an Morris Township Homes for Sale 07960average home sale price of $580K with 73 days on the market. Morris Township had 26 real estate closings in October.  Below are the details and I included days on the market this time! 

  • 102 Village Dr $294,000 One Floor Unit  $289,000  DOM 45 
  • 6 Village Dr. $299,900 One Floor Unit  $285,000  DOM 37 
  • 9B Leva Dr. $310,000 First Floor Unit  $306,000  DOM 149 
  • 1 Timothy Ct $399,000 Multi Floor Unit  $380,000  DOM 50 
  • 68 Hancock Dr $409,500 Multi Floor Unit  $392,500  DOM 41 
  • 21 Midland Dr $439,000 Colonial  $435,500   DOM 14 
  • 11 Baer Ct $459,900 Colonial  $455,000  DOM 35 
  • 11 Sherwood Dr $475,000 Multi Floor Unit  $472,500  DOM 24 
  • 75 Sherwood Dr $475,000 Multi Floor Unit  $465,000  DOM 37 
  • 97 Hillcrest Ave $479,000 Split Level  $467,500  DOM 20 
  • 22 Locust St $495,000 Split Leve l $470,000...

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